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Empowering individuals through career-building experiences, skills development and increased self awareness.

Hats & Ladders uses proven game mechanics, up-to-date occupational data, and personalized instruction to motivate the next generation of career thinkers and doers. Our mission is to empower teens and young adults with career-building experiences, skills, and opportunities so they can take small steps now that lead to big leaps later.

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Complete fun, visual self- assessments. Your profile evolves along with your interests and experiences.

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Explore hundreds of in-demand careers, or “Hats”, select your favorites and unlock new career pathways.

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Engage with “Ladders”, or real-world, hands-on activities that build workplace experience and career skills.

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Measure and share progress toward career milestones and use data to accelerate organizational impact.

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Winner of the Reach Higher Career App Challenge!

Hats & Ladders is honored to have won the grand prize in the U.S. Department of Education’s Reach Higher Career App Challenge—a 2016 White House initiative led by First Lady Michelle Obama to empower youth to take control of their futures and complete their education beyond high school. The career app challenge called on educators and app developers to propose mobile-based solutions to help youth “navigate education and career pathways, and increase the capacity of career counselors to assist students.” Read our full Reach Higher Story here.

Our winning solution featured:

  • Visual, youth-centric content
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Research-based career recommendation engine
  • Alignment with CTE clusters
  • Integrated government data feeds
  • Direct connection to formal & informal career training
  • Connections to real world workplace experiences for youth

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