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Hats & Ladders is a free, game-based app to discover your career interests, and build confidence and experience. Plus you’ll flex powerskills that prepare you for any career path.

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Hats & Ladders offers a simple, low-cost platform to partners in local government, education, and non-profits. Connect youth to project- and work-based opportunities (Ladders) in your community and online, and access career readiness curriculum and implementation services.

Get Data Insights to Deliver Results

Hats & Ladders integrates the latest occupational data and proven career development methods. Subscribers can track usage and performance data to strengthen  program offerings and inform their strategic decisions.


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Is your mission to help youth build career confidence and career readiness? If you’re a youth development organization or school or college and want to innovate your career education programming, reach out to see how Hats & Ladders can help!

Are you a teen or young adult interested in using Hats & Ladders to build your career profile and connect to career building experiences and opportunities? Fill out this quick form to get started. Hats & Ladders is free for youth!


Winner of the Reach Higher Career App Challenge!

Hats & Ladders is honored to have won the grand prize in the U.S. Department of Education’s Reach Higher Career App Challenge—a 2016 White House initiative led by First Lady Michelle Obama to empower youth to take control of their futures and complete their education beyond high school. The career app challenge called on educators and app developers to propose mobile-based solutions to help youth “navigate education and career pathways, and increase the capacity of career counselors to assist students.” Read our full Reach Higher Story here.

Our winning solution featured:

  • Visual, youth-centric content
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Research-based career recommendation engine
  • Alignment with CTE clusters
  • Integrated government data feeds
  • Direct connection to formal & informal career training
  • Connections to real world workplace experiences for youth


How do you follow a path if you don’t know where you want to go?

Undecided Futures
Colleges & Universities
Potential Occupations
Average Jobs Held from Ages 18 to 48


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