Finally. Career Education that youth love.

Our flagship career readiness program fosters career self-efficacy and related life skills in teens and young adults ages 14 to 25. And they love it.

Meet your career education requirements.

Fulfill local and federal career education requirements by helping youth plan, prep for, and transition to careers, college, and alternatives. You can plug-n-play or customize your own scope and sequence.

Build the skills youth
(and employers) want.

Give youth the tools for “adulting” they (and employers) need and want. Introduce them to important topics they don’t get in school — from job seeking to financial literacy to civic engagement — and help them develop cross-cutting skills necessary for all career paths.

Open doors.

Youth explore their personal interests, strengths, & values, and use that self-knowledge as a springboard to understand a wide range of career and higher education pathways, including college alternatives, entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Hit the ground running.

No staff with career development expertise? No problem!
We provide curriculum and training support to facilitators and coaches of all stripes, so they can focus on doing what they do best:
supporting program participants.

A student called to thank me for Hats & Ladders and introducing her to it… Hats & Ladders provided exploration and reflection to help guide her to discover what’s next. It helped solidify her plan.”

Get Career Ready with Hats & Ladders

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Finally. Career Education that youth love.

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