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Hats & Ladders is a career exploration and career skill building program for youth ages 14 to 25. The beta app, accessible via any device connected to the internet, is now available to pilot for free!

For Individuals

Interested in using Hats & Ladders on your own? With the app, you can build your profile, explore careers (“Hats”) that fit, pick your favorites, and browse through hundreds of hands-on activities to develop skills and experiences.

Sign up using your google account and enter group code: FREE19

For Educators & Organizations

Interested in using Hats & Ladders with high school, college or other youth? The pilot toolkit includes access to the app, a Getting Started guide with implementation tips, a Milestones Checklist to track achievements, and a final Career XP report highlighting your group’s progress.

Ready to get started? Complete this short survey, and we’ll send you a pilot toolkit with your unique group code which is how you’ll access your group’s usage data report.

Hats & Ladders screenshot - career education
Hats & Ladders screenshot - career education

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What devices does the app work with?

The app will work on most smartphones, personal computers, laptops, and tablets with:

-Web browsers (see list of tested browsers below)
-Internet connection
-Google account

The app is not supported for the iPhone 5/5S or the iPhone SE. We are working on expanding compatibility for later releases.

What browsers do you recommend?

Tested browsers include Chrome (desktop, Chromebook, and mobile) and Safari (mobile).  Firefox and the Safari desktop browser access is forthcoming. We recommend not using it on any other untested browser.

The videos on Hats & Ladders do not seem to work. What do I do?

The app requires access to Youtube in order to play embedded career videos located on all “Hat” cards. If your school or organization blocks access to YouTube, check with your IT staff to see if access can be granted OR encourage users to access videos off-site using free wifi.

What if I don’t have a Google account?

All users need a Google account to access the app. If you don’t have a Google account (Gmail, YouTube, Google Classroom, etc.), create one here: And, if you’d prefer to log in another way, let us know so we can add that to our feature wishlist!

Why does the app take up only part of the computer screen?

The app is currently optimized for mobile use. Forthcoming releases will include a fully responsive design.


I’m an educator. How much instructional time should I allow?

Hats & Ladders uses game mechanics to engage end users and, like games, uses a leveling system. Currently, Hats & Ladders is active through Level 3. Most  users can get through Level 3 in about 2 weeks. However, structured use guided by lessons can be extended out through a month or two of use (lesson implementation).

What implementation do you suggest for education settings (high school , college, or other students)?

One option is to do a lesson-based implementation in which students use the app (on school or personal devices) in combination with a series of career readiness lesson plans and other classroom supports, under the guidance of a teacher or counselor.

Another option is to do a milestone-based implementation supported by a simpler Milestones Checklist, which guide users through the program (this is recommended for college age and individual users).

Complete the survey here, and we will send you the pilot toolkit including our Getting Started guide on how to use either implementation.


When will the full Hats & Ladders platform be available?

The Hats & Ladders app is available now. New content and features are added regularly. Our next major new platform components, the Educator Dashboard, is coming in summer 2019.

How much will the app cost after the pilot?

Nothing. The Hats & Ladders app will remain free and accessible to all youth.

So what does Hats & Ladders sell?

Hats & Ladders offers schools, districts, colleges, youth organizations and networks three premium services: (1) subscription to the educator dashboard (2) implementation and training services and (3) localization and customization services. Contact us for more information at

Technical Help & Troubleshooting

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