How It Works


Create Your Profile and Watch it Evolve

Young people’s exploration of themselves and their careers is ongoing and evolving, so Hats & Ladders lets them create a personal profile and portfolio that evolves along with them.

Explore Your Core Values

Define Your Challenges


Discover Who You Are

Users explore their core traits and interests by swiping through a deck of profile “cards” at their own pace. They swipe right on images and phrases that describe them, and left on those that don’t. After ten swipes, they unlock a hatbox of career possibilities.

Identify Your Core Personality


Own Your Hatbox & Discover Careers

As users unlock Hats (potential careers), they learn basic information about those careers. If they are interested, they can “try on” a career by completing hands-on activities, engaging in real world experiences, and informal and formal workplace skill building. As they continue their quest, they unlock additional information about salary, local and national job prospects, and start on pathways to their future selves.


Engage in Real World Activities & Build Career Experience

Ladders begin with real-world, hands-on and digital activities that are associated with specific Hats and career clusters. They encourage users to experiment with wide-ranging challenges that inspire hard work and get a feel for careers that might fit. As users advance in their Ladders, they are connected to authentic workplace opportunities and informal and formal education that further prep them for the real world of work. Along the way, users can reflect on their accomplishments and share them with their peers and facilitators.

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