We’re on a mission to help people become career thinkers and doers.

As a company founded on the belief that everyone should be empowered with the knowledge and resources to pursue their careers and thrive in their lives, we are passionate about building a workplace that reflects our values.

We especially prize: openness, respect, collaboration, empathy, inclusiveness, and fun.

Our approach to work is deeply collaborative and iterative, combining high standards of quality with a remarkably sane schedule and a desire to always keep learning and growing as people and as a company.

Every member of the team is treated as a stakeholder who gets to add their “special sauce” to our mix.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible work location (remote friendly and office friendly!)
  • Sane work schedule
  • Generous paid time off
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Airy loft office in a great location (hello, Flatiron!)

Current Openings

Curriculum Writer and Producer

We are always accepting resumes from curious, empathic, talented individuals who want to make an impact in helping people thrive in their careers and their lives. Submit your resume to careers@hatsandladders.com.

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