We are surfing a big beautiful wave of interest in Hats & Ladders that came out of the Reach Higher Challenge. And as we surf the wave, we are speaking to teachers, career counselors, school administrators, school networks, CTE programs, school districts, and even entire states about the next step in our app development process:  the Spring 2017 alpha pilot.

The alpha pilot is a chance for schools to work with us as a team to decide on what they are looking to get out of Hats & Ladders and how we can work together to test drive it, evaluate it through pre- and post- interviews, and integrate it with schools’ existing career programs and resources.

We are very excited for this phase of development and will use the results to directly inform how we revise and build the app out further for a beta pilot in the 2017-18 school year.

Thinking about joining the wave?  Does your school or district have a career initiative and are you looking for partners? Please get in touch!

The Hats & Ladders Crew Hard at WorkThe Hats & Ladders Crew Hard at Work
The Hats & Ladders Crew Hard at Work

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