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The award-winning foundational career development program that youth love.

Made for career thinkers and doers.

Better content.

Eye-opening, accessible, real-world career education, developed with youth voice, equity, and inclusivity at its core.

Easy integration.

Plays well with others. Minimal, easy set-up. A fun, game-based experience that youth will want to build on.

Clear reporting.

Track group progress at-a-glance or go deeper with individual snapshots.

More flexibility.

Self-guided or facilitator-led career and life skills training that fits into any program.

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“It prepares me for things [that] school doesn’t prepare me for.”

“I appreciated the abundance of choices and the playfulness of learning.”

“Hats and Ladders was open about gap years and environmental justice… things the new generations have become interested in.”

Together, we can create the next generation of career thinkers and doers.

Winner of the Reach Higher Career App Challenge!

Hats & Ladders is honored to have won the grand prize in the U.S. Department of Education’s Reach Higher Career App Challenge—a 2016 White House initiative led by First Lady Michelle Obama to empower youth to take control of their futures and complete their education beyond high school.

“It’s a cool, exciting app that will open up a whole new world for young people.”

~ Michelle Obama

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